How to do a general cleaning in the garden?


For some gardening enthusiasts, spring cleaning the garden is like scratching a chalkboard with a fingernail, many wince at the thought. However, preparing the garden for the spring/summer season can also be very relaxing. It is important to organize your work well.

Spring cleaning of the garden

In April, start checking all garden tools and equipment. Clean them, sharpen them, put them in order so that you can easily start general cleaning in the garden. It is very important that the tools needed to maintain the garden are clean and free of rust. You can buy equipment for the garden in the salon

If you’re a fan of garden decorations, start by taking them out of their storage box and placing them in your garden. You can also gently wash them or wipe them with a cloth to get rid of dust.

Depending on soil moisture, try removing any mulch that may have covered some of your plants. You can plant bedding on wheelbarrows and take it to the compost heap. Removing a layer of old mulch will allow the soil to warm up.

After the litter is removed, you can proceed to check the condition of your bushes. It is best to start with those shrubs that are evergreen. Carefully tear off the dry ends and open the bush (wearing rubber gloves) to make sure that there are no hibernating animals in it. It’s time to remove unnecessary sockets.

Next, take a garden hose and wash off the dust from the bushes. It’s like your bushes are taking a shower. You will be surprised how quickly the leaves come to life and turn green.

After examining the green bushes, go to the rest of the bushes. Remove dry twigs and crooked stems from them. Review your trees. With a strong winter wind or under the pressure of heavy wet snow, the branches could break.

If you didn’t trim the perennials in your garden in the fall, the next task is not the most pleasant. Arm yourself with rubber boots and gloves and get to work!

April’s final gardening task in spring is adding nutrients. It is best to sprinkle one layer (about 10 cm) of a good quality garden mix. This mixture consists of manure, compost, sand, garden soil and shredded bark. Loosen the soil a little with a rake. If necessary, align the edges of the flower bed. You can enclose them, for example, with limestone.

Tasks for May

And what about the lawn? The most important thing is that the grass is dry before you start cutting it. If you don’t have an electric lawn mower, rent one, if you don’t have one, you can handle it with a manual lawn mower. This will help the lawn breathe better. Just remember that you can not mow the lawn too sharply.

Well ventilate every two years. To do this, you can rent special machines or hire a professional. Aeration helps water, air and nutrients reach the roots, making them stronger.

When it comes to lawn fertilizers, opt for organic fertilizers. It is environmentally friendly and also better for the soil. The first top dressing can be carried out in April / May during the general cleaning in the garden. It is enough to fertilize 3 times per season.

The next two turf works will continue throughout the summer. I’m talking about mowing and watering. Make sure the blades are sharp enough and don’t mow the grass too short. When watering, use a rate of 2.5 cm of water per week.

It’s time to add fertilizer to your roses. It’s a good idea to add some bonemeal around the base of the bush.

When the plants grow and leaves start to sprout on the bushes, be sure to check for insects.

When your perennials sprout from warm soil, add extra nutrients to them. Liquid algae, bone meal powder, and there are many great organic fertilizers you can buy at your local garden store.

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