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Landscape design of the courtyard of a country house or cottage is a very important component in creating an overall cozy and harmonious atmosphere. Before starting any work on the arrangement of your suburban area, you should develop a plan on which all zones and buildings with plantings and decorative elements will be delimited.

Another important detail of landscaping is the budget. It also needs to be calculated so that there is enough money for everything planned.

Creating an attractive and well-groomed appearance of the site, combined with the comfort and functionality of the buildings on it, is the main goal of landscape art.

To make the design of the site really comfortable and practical at the same time, a detailed plan should be drawn up. It can be drawn on a regular piece of paper. However, if you have some skills in working with special graphics programs, then it is better to do it there, since in the image all the buildings and details will be voluminous. With this view, it will be possible to realistically assess the future appearance of your creation.

If the garden area is completely empty, then you need to think through all the little things that will fit on the plan: entrance, paths, house and household. buildings, communication networks, all the details of landscape design.

If there are already any buildings on the site, then the existing elements are applied to the landscape design project, with an approximate distance between them. It is this plan that will be further developed.

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Basic rules for landscape design

Regardless of the size of the site, it is better to abandon the construction of large-sized massive buildings that can clutter up the entire territory. It is advisable to hide buildings behind shrubs and hedges, place them on the territory separately, alternating with flower beds, barbecue areas, gazebos and decor compositions.

It is worth abandoning the construction of deaf closed fences. Such structures in a small area will make a feeling of being locked up. In garden design, blind fences visually make the area smaller.

In addition to aesthetics, such structures instantly change the microclimate, disrupting the direct circulation of air currents.

An excellent alternative would be a chain-link fence, along which climbing plants are planted. Or a picket fence.

In garden design, it is better to refuse planting trees that grow to great heights and have a lush crown. Due to the extensive root system and the resulting shadow, they will prevent the implementation of many design ideas. It is better to choose undersized fruit seedlings that will be planted in a compact group.

Styles for landscaping

Landscape design styles include two types of design:

Regular style — the main axis of the composition is always present here, in relation to it it is symmetrical and landings will be placed. This style is more suitable for large areas.

The paths are laid out straight, strict geometric shapes are observed in the form of squares, triangles, etc., the choice of which depends on the shape of the site. For narrow and elongated allotments, a rectangular shape is suitable, and for areas with approximately equal sides, squares are appropriate.

Natural (landscape) style — there is complete freedom in choosing places for planting and decor elements. It is better not to use straight tracks here.

The territory is played with mini-relief sections in several places. For example, a small pond with a bridge, an alpine slide, etc. You can create volume without participation in earthworks by equipping a flower garden in which seedlings of different heights, shapes and colors will grow.

The main elements of landscape design

Water compositions

Various types of reservoirs and water structures are very popular among both customers and designers. The main thing when choosing the configuration of a future reservoir is to decide whether it will be only an aesthetic detail or will it bear a practical solution.

If the task is the practical use of a decor pond, then a small lake is suitable for this role, the water from which can also be taken for irrigation.

In addition to the appearance, it is also important to take care of the materials for construction and special equipment for maintaining the reservoir, the purchase of plants and animals.

Artificial water compositions for the garden can be represented by fountains, watermills, streams or streams, waterfalls.

flower beds

To grow a flower garden worthy of attention, which will become a real decoration in garden design, you will have to spend a lot of effort, time and money. There are several design options for flower arrangements: traditional alpine hills, mixed or modern. It all depends on the overall style.

So that the flower garden can delight with endless colors all year round, it is worth planting plants there with alternating periods of flowering. It is also important to take into account the height of the plants, arrange them so that some do not obscure and do not interfere with the growth of other seedlings.


The paths are given not only a practical function, they also perform the role of an aesthetic component. On the laid out paths, it will be easy to approach any site in the territory. Straight lines in design are much more difficult to beat, so it is better to make wavy passes that can be beaten in many ways.

Buildings on the site

The buildings located on the site allow you to organize pastime with comfort and convenience. Landscaping of the house should be first of all practical, rather than decorative. Most often in home gardens erect:

  • gazebos of various types (open for the summer season, closed for cooler weather and in order to hide from the weather);
  • oven with a small open kitchen area;
  • outbuildings (barn);
  • children’s play complexes, etc.

The principles of landscape backyard design imply the design of all buildings and decorative compositions in a single style concept. Buildings of different styles will look inorganic.

Protective structures

It is important to understand here that the fence passing between neighboring areas does not apply to protective structures. Fences in the concept of landscape art are structures used to delimit functional areas in the garden.

The landscape design photo shows that if there is an area with a vegetable garden, a garden, a playground for recreation and children’s entertainment on the territory, then it is advisable to use decorative fences between them. They can be made from absolutely any suitable material. It is important that they organically flow into the overall design concept.

Decorative inclusions

There are countless ideas of practical landscape design, and in each concept a special role is given to the decorative component.

All elements here are designed to decorate the atmosphere, create a feeling of comfort, focus attention and surprise.

The notorious gnomes and mushrooms are already fading into the background. The following elements are considered original and modern:

  • flowerpots;
  • lighting compositions;
  • fountains;
  • sculptural and architectural structures, etc.

The main principle of choosing decor details is that they should not contradict the chosen stylistic concept of landscape design.

Photo of landscape design

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