Swing gates — 110 photo review of materials and their main types

It is known that many owners of country houses are also car owners. Based on this fact, in the process of building or acquiring a house and, accordingly, a garage, they have to think not only about a good and attractive entrance to the site, but also about organizing a convenient entry and exit. In […]

95 photos and tricks in the manufacture of a cesspool

The need for the appearance of compost pits in their dachas is faced by the majority of owners of suburban areas. Compost facilities allow you to solve a variety of everyday problems: this is the disposal of organic waste, and increasing the fertility of all types of soils. The use of compost is environmentally friendly, […]

Practical use of geotextile, dornite

Dornit is a non-woven or woven, air- and water-permeable textile fabric that is in contact with water, soil, and materials used in construction. Dornit is a domestic name, “dor” is a road, “nit” is threads, and the word geotextile itself comes from the Latin “geo” — earth and the words textile. In its production, such […]

Organic Patio Mulch (Top 5 Types)

Mulching is a very simple and at the same time very effective agricultural practice. It allows you to solve the problem of rapid evaporation of moisture, overheating of the soil in the near-trunk space and the germination of weeds. There are many types of mulch. It is made from the bark of coniferous trees and […]

Proper care and planting of plants in your garden

It’s time to turn your desires into reality. Right now is the most optimal time for this, because after the transplant, the plants need to have time to take root. Division for many perennials is simply necessary, it helps to rejuvenate the plant and increases its lifespan. When digging the soil, you remove perennial weeds, […]

Landscaping and landscaping in Moscow and the Moscow region

Brief content of the article: Landscaping and landscaping of sites in Moscow Landscape company Garden’s Dream https://gardensdream.ru provides a full range of landscaping and landscaping services in New Moscow. landscaping Plants are the main element of landscape design. For their correct choice, it is necessary to consult a specialist with knowledge in the field of […]

Automatic sliding gates

The modern market offers a huge number of gate designs. Now you don’t often see the usual swing gates, which for a long time were the only option for the gate structure in the vastness of our country. Garage swing gates have been replaced by modern and much more convenient ones: sectional doors, rolling gates, […]

how and how to clean snow on the roof and in the courtyard of a private house, simple ways to clean snow in the yard

Snow always falls unexpectedly, but it requires a quick response from the owners of the house. Since sometimes it even interferes with going outside, and if it is not removed in time, it will only accumulate. Read our article on how to clean snow the right way. Brief content of the article: The best ways […]

Furniture for summer cottage and garden

Modern furniture for summer cottages and gardens will help you relax and escape from the bustle of the city. A serious function is assigned to country furniture — it should embody all the joys of country life, where there is simply no place for the eternal city fuss and problems. Therefore, when choosing furniture for […]

How to do a general cleaning in the garden?

For some gardening enthusiasts, spring cleaning the garden is like scratching a chalkboard with a fingernail, many wince at the thought. However, preparing the garden for the spring/summer season can also be very relaxing. It is important to organize your work well. Spring cleaning of the garden In April, start checking all garden tools and […]